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In Domino it is common to use the Internet Password Lockout feature. If a user have entered incorrect password x number of times a document is created in the Internet Password Lockout database and a message is presented to the users login screen that they have been locked out. The administrator now need to enter this database and remove the document to unlock the user. Put this script in an agent in the Internet password Lockout database and schedule it to run every one hour (or whatever you ...

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Quotas is not replicated so if you have the same mailfiles on serveral servers the administrator need to change the quota on all servers. This script is an easy way to update all mailfiles on all servers at once. Image below show a custom view we made in the Domino Directory to easily change the quota - The script below is a sample for changing three servers at the same time, modify the code to add more or less servers - Use this script in an action in a people view in Domino Directory - ...

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Some useful lotusscript functions Function ReplaceSubString(SourceS As String, SearchS As String, ReplaceS As String) As String While InStr(SourceS, SearchS) > 0 SourceS = Left$(SourceS, InStr(SourceS, SearchS) - 1) + ReplaceS +_ Right$(SourceS, Len(SourceS) - InStr(SourceS, SearchS) - Len(SearchS) + 1) Wend ReplaceSubstring = SourceS End Function Function sWord ( sourceString As String, separator As String, number As Integer) As String Dim searchstring As String Dim i As Integer, pos ...

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Easy functions to make sure folders exist, if it do not exist, it is created Sub Initialize Call MakeFolder("c:export") End Sub Function MakeFolder ( strPath As String) As String If Not DirExists (strPath) Then MkDir strPath End If MakeFolder strPath End Function Function DirExists (strPath As String) As Boolean DirExists (Dir (strPath ,16 ) <> "" ) End Function

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If certificates in IBM Notes expires things get complicated. Here is a simple way to avoid this Use script below in a daily scheduled agent (do not run on weekends) to recieve a notification when certificates is about to expire. If will notify you by email 7 days before expiration and also on the same day it will expire Add the scheduled agent to names.nsf on the server Sub Initialize On Error GoTo e Dim session As New NotesSession Dim db As NotesDatabase Set db = session.Currentdatabase Dim ...

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The mailbox app in appstore have a really nice feature, it let's you snooze your email for a custom time and bring it back as a new mail when the time is reached. This is some sceeenshots of the app So I did a quick test to see if I could do something similar in IBM Notes mail, and this is what I came up with In my solution I created the following in my mail file. - One subform to be used as the snooze dialog - One manually triggered agent to be used in the inbox view to snooze messages - One ...

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Adding new features to Domino is really easy these days. Let's say you want to add a new release of extension library to your Domino Server. Do like this: 1. Make sure you have an updatesite database on the server, if not create one based on the update site template. 2. Download the Extension Library OSGI plugin from openNTF. Unpack it to your local disc 3. Import the plugin to the update site using the Import button 4. Add the updatesite variable to notes.ini ...

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This simple server side javascript code read the content of a file stored in a rich text field Scenario: Read a csv file attached to a notes document and present it in Xpages without detaching the file to disc This is what the attached CSV file looks like Lev1;1001;Table;A Lev2;1002;Chair;B Lev3;1003;Sofa;C Lev4;1004;Floor;D and so on... Step #1. Make sure you have an attachment in the first document, in the body field in a view call "Main" Step #2. Put the following code in a link control in ...

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I have blogged about exporting notes data to word before and here is another easy guide for getting data out from Notes into a pdf file. Let's say you have a database containing orders from customers and want to send them a PDF invoice for each order. no problem, just follow this guide All you need is word 2010 or later 1. Create a new word document and do your layout (or use an existing one already layed out ) 2. Add the text placeholders you want to add notes data to , select it and click ...

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Step 1. Download org.json java library Step 2. Copy/Paste the jar file into the jar folder using package explorer Step 3. Create a new xAgent and paste the following code
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