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Animation below show some of the features in intrapages. Intrapages is a free social intranet for your organisation or for you and your customers By installing intrapages you get access to a lot of features that is not possible using any other tools - Share files, photos, and other content internally or externally - easy UI for deciding who is allowed to login, facebook users, linkedin users, twitter user , domino users etc.. - Stop the massmailing and redirect your users to the intranet to ...

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Här är en databas med dokument för dom svenska helgdagarna fram till 2023 att kopiera in till Domino Directory Gör så här 1. Ladda ner och öppna databasen nedan i Notes , kopiera alla document CTRL-A + CTRL-C 2. Öppna Domino Directory Holidays och ta bort befintliga dokument för "Sweden" ( du måste vara administratör) 3. Stå kvar i vyn holidays och klistra in documenten med CTRL-V 4. Användarna måste sen importera in dom eller så kan man ev trycka ut dom via desktop policy Här är några bilder ...

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Update: Part of this problem was that when adding a comment it get connected to the wrong parent document. This problem was caused by a Dojo Content pane added to the xpage having set partial refresh to true. If I removed that setting from the dojo content pane the comments are now connected correct again. The problem of editing the wrong post is still a problem if repeatControls is set to false. setting ...

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The admin can now add Logo header background, Logo and HomePage Logo The admin can now allow Active Directory login, a few other settings is also needed like ldap server and AD search path Login Using Active Directory Simple workflow, parallell or serial, available in both home page and team room New languages added Photos can now be both uploaded or imported in various places Add you own Personal Twitter and News feeds Available Apps in a Team room - The moderator decide which is ...

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The following images show the process for installing Intrapages You can install as many intrapages apps as you like on the same server. each instance will have unique users and settings intranet, social business, extranet, wiki, forum, polls, news stream, activity stream, extranet, twitter, news reader, blog, user directory

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From experience building Intrapages here is my finding for reducing build time in Domino Designer Use DDE v9 - much faster build time, the build time is reduced from 30 seconds to 5 sec Turn build automatic off, use CTRL-B to build when needed Always work locally, never build on server Only have one application open in DDE when building. If build is not ready within 10 seconds (Notes9) you might have run out of memory, use kill notes and start all over. You always need to build twice after ...

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Images below show some of the things you can do from within IBM Notes. IBM Notes DOMINO DESIGNER All these images is avilable in full resulution here

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New features - Home page for news and team rooms can now have a new section "Links" and specify in admin or team room settings which links should be available - It is now possible to share "news" in all users profile. everything created in user profile is only displayed there. - When visiting your own profile you are asked to enter some basic user info like phone and title - Team room view can now be searched and filtered in more ways, (e.g team rooms I am not member of) - Open team rooms can ...

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Intrapages is a Social Business Intranet Application, This mean you run it on your own IBM Domino server. There are many scenarious on how you would run different intrapages applications, here are a few. - Corporate Intranet. - One application for the whole company employees - Documentation/Wiki - One application to be used only for documentation or wiki content. - External partners - One application containing internal and external logged in users for sharing content - Internet Application - ...

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Click here to open the project at openNTF Intrapages is a social website you can easily setup from a template (ntf) and you can run as many intrapages you like on the same server. each intrapages may serve different purposes i.e you might want to setup one intrapages for the whole company and another one for blogs, files,  photos or for a specific project you are working on. some of the features of intrapages includes: - Attractive UI with the option to change theme - Login using Facebook, ...

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