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Quick Guide - Add your Domino Application to GitHub and prepare for source control
If you want to setup source control of your Domino application or simply share it with the world, here is a simple guide for how to upload your Domino application to GitHub
This guide will use sourcetree and put your Domino application on to GitHub, it will not teach you how to do source control and commit features and bugs

It is important to understand that there is no synch between DDE and sourcetree or between DDE and GitHub, Sourcetree is using your local disk to sync the ODP files to GitHub.

If you need to create a Domino application already on GitHub, instead use this guide

Step 1
Install SourceTree

Step 2
Create a new or use an existing Domino application

Step 3
Create a folder structure for your git project and add a folder for your new app
this will be used for the git project files


Step 4
Create another folder for your app
This folder will contain your nsf as text , also called ODP (on disc project)

Step 5
Setup source control for your nsf, (will create the "On disk project" in your folder)

Step 6
Give your new ODP a cool name, make sure you specify the location to the folder you created last

Your folder structure should now look like this

Step 7
Open SourceTree and create a new repository
Make sure you choose the folder for the git files (not the ODP folder)

You folder structure should now look like this

Step 8
Your "On disk project" is now seen in sourcetree, it is time to create your inital release (this will not upload to github)
Select all the files, enter a comment and click Commit

There should now be a master branch added to sourcetree

Step 9
Initialize repository for Git Flow, Click "Git Flow" and accept the defaults

It should now look like this, two branches. "develop" and "master"

Step 10
Login to GitHub and create a new Repository

Step 11
Setup sourcetree to point to your repository on GitHub

Step 12
Now it the time to push your master branch to GitHub

...and now we are ready, my Domino application is now in a repository on GitHub

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