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Quick guide for creating a Domino application from GitHub
More and more Domino developers add their open source projects to GitHub This means that Domino databases (NSF) is stored as text on Github allowing anyone to browse the code.

This guide show you how to download an NSF project stored on Github, import it into Domino Designer and create an NSF from the text files.

If you need to setup sourcecontrol from DDE to Github, instead use this guide

Step 1
Find a Github "nsf" project and download the zip file

Step 2,
Extract to disk only the ODP folder from the zip file

Step 3.
Go to the package explorer view in DDE and Right click and choose import

Step 4
Select to Import "Existing Projects into workspace

Step 5
Browse to the ODP Folder on your disk

Step 6
Your project is now in the package explorer but it is still not added to NSF

Step 7
Right click the project in package explorer and choose Team Development\Asssociate with new NSF

Step 8
Tell the dialog which filename you want for the new nsf

Step 9
Wait a few moments for the import to finish

Step 10
Your NSF is now in the applications view in DDE

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