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Use XPages in your existing Notes client applications
This quick and dirty guide will show you how to use xpages in your notes client applications
Using xpages in notes client opens up possibilities you do not have with tradiitional Notes design elements such as show multiple documents at the same time or create a print page containing content from many different sources.

This guide will only show you the basic step you need to add xpages to your exisitng notes client application.

First a few pictures that show what the result will be

This is the resulting xpages application opened in Notes client containing data from the selected document in Notes client

Here is what you need to do

#1. Create a form with a few fields and a view and one Xpage
In the xpage, create a document data source and add code to read the data source unid from notes.ini
see code below

<xp:dominoDocument var="d" action="openDocument" formName="Data">

Step #2. Create one composite application containing your xpage
Note: You need to have installed the composite application editor to do this

Step #3 - Create one frameset and add the composite app to it

Step #4. In the form create a new action and add some lotusscript that will set the unid of the currently opened doucument into notes.ini and open the frameset

All set, click below to download the app and try it for yourself
You need IBM Notes 8.5 or later


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