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Remove Internet password lockouts in Domino

In Domino it is common to use the Internet Password Lockout feature.
If a user have entered incorrect password x number of times a document is created in the Internet Password Lockout database and a message is presented to the users login screen that they have been locked out.
The administrator now need to enter this database and remove the document to unlock the user.

Put this script in an agent in the Internet password Lockout database and schedule it to run every one hour (or whatever you prefer)
Each time the agent run it will automatically remove the locked out people and send a notification to the administrator, (modify the script to set notification recipients)

Sub Initialize

On Error GoTo e
Dim session As New NotesSession, db As NotesDatabase, view As NotesView
Dim nvec As NotesViewEntryCollection
Dim c As integer
Set db = session.currentdatabase

Set view = db.getView("Locked Out Users")
Set nvec = view.Allentries

c = nvec.count

If c > 0 Then

Call nvec.Removeall(true)

' Send notification
Dim sarr(1) As String
sarr(0) = ""
sarr(1) = ""

Dim mdoc As NotesDocument, rt As notesrichtextitem
Set mdoc = db.createdocument
mdoc.Form = "Memo"
mdoc.Subject = "Removed " + CStr(c) + " Locked out users on mypage"
Set rt = mdoc.Createrichtextitem("Body")
Call rt.Appendtext("Removed " + CStr(c) + " Locked out users")
Call rt.Addnewline(1)
Call rt.Appendtext("Click to open lockout database")
Call rt.Appenddoclink(db,"Lockout")
Call mdoc.Send(False, sarr)

End If
Exit Sub
Print Error,erl
End Sub

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