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How to add new features to Domino server
Adding new features to Domino is really easy these days. Let's say you want to add a new release of extension library to your Domino Server. Do like this:

1. Make sure you have an updatesite database on the server, if not create one based on the update site template.
2. Download the Extension Library OSGI plugin from openNTF. Unpack it to your local disc
3. Import the plugin to the update site using the Import button
4. Add the updatesite variable to notes.ini OSGI_HTTP_DYNAMIC_BUNDLES=updateSite.nsf
5. Restart the http task

When http is restarted the plugins are extracted to a temporary location on the server and loaded into the OSGI Framework. If you disable the plugin in the update site database they are not loaded into the OSGI 

There are many nice feature you can add to Domino this way here are a few

- Extension Library - Nice new controls for creating powerful web applications
- Extension Library Extended - Add relational database support to Domino and Xpages
- Bootstrap - Add bootstrap functionality to your web application with a single click
- DebugToolbar - Add debug features to any application with a single click
- OpenLog - Log all errors to seperate database
- POI for Xpages - Office integration, allow you to create word documents based on XPages data
- MindoFTP - Make your Domino server a FTP server
- Domino API - A wrapper for all your java code that improve performance of code execution and remove the need for recycle

Visit openNTF for more features to add to Domino

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