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Animation below show some of the features in intrapages.
Intrapages is a free social intranet for your organisation or for you and your customers

By installing intrapages you get access to a lot of features that is not possible using any other tools

- Share files, photos, and other content internally or externally
- easy UI for deciding who is allowed to login, facebook users, linkedin users, twitter user , domino users etc..
- Stop the massmailing and redirect your users to the intranet to get the information they need.
- All users have a personal profile and all users can create and edit content
- Setup individual team rooms for projects, departments or countries
- Add Events or booking resources and see them in a nice calendar display
- and lots lots more....

- Visit for a live demo
- Download intrapages now and add to your Domino server in 5 minutes
- Contact me to get help and support

How to setup your corporate intranet in 1 minute


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