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Intrapages v1.6 - Nyheter

New features

- Home page for news and team rooms can now have a new section "Links" and specify in admin or team room settings which links should be available
- It is now possible to share "news" in all users profile. everything created in user profile is only displayed there.
- When visiting your own profile you are asked to enter some basic user info like phone and title
- Team room view can now be searched and filtered in more ways, (e.g team rooms I am not member of)
- Open team rooms can now be shared in home news stream
- The content view in admin now show if the content is in a team room
- Added an action to user administration to see how much content a user have
- Added an action to join a team room from the team rooms section list
- Team room like wiki, files, polls etc can now be shared in the team room news stream (team room content cannot be shared in the home news stream)
- home content like wiki, files, polls etc can now be shared in the home news stream
- In the admin section all content from specific users can be soft deleted
- in the admin section it is now possible to search for a user.


- Added more AJAX calls, The home page now loads a lot faster
- Added message to mobile devices that can't view the rt editors
- Internet Explorer in compatible mode is now redirect to browser.xsp for all pages, also updated the information displayed to user
- fixed a ui issue with richtext editors in Firefox
- The login page has been updated. the registration and forgot password links are now only available if site login is enabled
- The information section in user profiles has been renamed to "About"
- The Debug Toolbar has been removed from the admin dropdown
- Polls have been improved
- Added placeholder text to search boxes
- Fixed a security issue with registration
- Some mobile ui issues have been fixed
- The content view in admin now show the subject on mouse over can also be clicked.
- The "add email box" is now hidden if isDemo is ticked in admin
- fixed latest activity bug when moderator change team room image
- Cleaned up the directory actions, removed icons and list view.
- Fixed an issue with the photos section not loaded correctly
- Team rooms presented in user profiles are now only displaying open team rooms
- Search section in team room is now hidden if the user is not a member
- Searching in a team room when not a member is now redirecting back to home page.
- remvoved a column from notes view that showed an exsclamation mark if a user changed name, this feature har been removed.

known issues v1.6

- The calendar view in the event section does not handle repeating all day events
- Commenting a poll does not give correct activity stream text
- Clicking index links in Wiki articles do not work correctly
- Helpdesk assignments are not fully implemented and number of assignments on home page show wrong number

Images below highlights some of the new features in v1.6 (sorry for bad quality images)

Team Rooms can be searched and filtered

Administration - Users can searched and all user content can be soft deleted

All apps can be shared in news stream as a way to promote specific topics. apps in team rooms can be promoted in the team room stream

Team room can be promoted in the home news stream

It is now possible to write and post content on other users wall

New calendar view for events

Links can be added to the home page by the administrator or to the team room home page by the moderator(s)

Here are some links to demo and more information

Live Demo using fictive characters

Live Community

Intrapages Project on openNTF

Intrapages on Facebook

intrapages on Twitter

Intrapages is totally free for both private and corporate use, but I really appreciate donations as this will keep the project open and active.
If you have a few bucks over please consider donating an arbitrary sum by clicking the button below

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