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If you in XPages add a viewPanel or dataTable to display your notes views, Domino will render a HTML table for you.The problem with this is that a table is not very mobile friendly and you problably need to hide columns to make it look decent on a phone or a smaller device. A better solution is to layout the columns into "cards" instead of rows. so that each row in Notes respresent one "card", and each "card" will be layed out with each Notes column on one row. So one row in Notes is one ...

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Zendesk is a popular web based support tool and they have a really nice API for storing and getting the ticket data. One reason for exporting the data from Zendesk is if you want to do custom reports not supported by Zendesk, or if you have another support system internally that you want to sync with Zendesk. Or maybe you want to build your own support webpage but still want to use the features of Zendesk. I managed to create a Notes java agent that can both store a new ticket and fetch all ...

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Attached you find a Domino database which fetch weather data (using json) from the swedish weather institute SMHI using a Java Agent. You need to specify the latitude and longitude cordinates in the agent. Image below show the collected data by date and time, for 11 day forecast, all the available parameters are included All you have to do now is to create an xpage and display a "sun image" on the web if there are no clouds ;-) Note: SMHI is for Swedish weather only, if you want weather for ...

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If you want to setup source control of your Domino application or simply share it with the world, here is a simple guide for how to upload your Domino application to GitHub This guide will use sourcetree and put your Domino application on to GitHub, it will not teach you how to do source control and commit features and bugs It is important to understand that there is no synch between DDE and sourcetree or between DDE and GitHub, Sourcetree is using your local disk to sync the ODP files to ...

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More and more Domino developers add their open source projects to GitHub This means that Domino databases (NSF) is stored as text on Github allowing anyone to browse the code. This guide show you how to download an NSF project stored on Github, import it into Domino Designer and create an NSF from the text files. If you need to setup sourcecontrol from DDE to Github, instead use this guide Step 1 Find a Github "nsf" project and download the zip file Step 2, Extract to disk only the ODP folder ...

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In the latest version of Extension Library you get Bootstrap, jQuery and Glyphicons simply by enabling the bootstrap theme, but If you for some reason can't use ExtLib or the Bootstrap theme I have created an application that is enabled for Bootstrap, jQuery and Font-awesome without using Extension Library. Font-Awesome and Jquery are not included in Bootstrap but you need jQuery to run Bootstrap. I have added Font-Awesome because it contain many more icons than the glyphicons do. All code is ...

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This quick and dirty guide will show you how to use xpages in your notes client applications Using xpages in notes client opens up possibilities you do not have with tradiitional Notes design elements such as show multiple documents at the same time or create a print page containing content from many different sources. This guide will only show you the basic step you need to add xpages to your exisitng notes client application. First a few pictures that show what the result will be This is the ...

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I have improved the script that send me daily reports from DDM. This version will now color code each severity in the email and it now also use the "recent events" view instead of the "open events" Put the script below in a daily scheduled agent and you will recieve an nicely color coded email containing todays events If you setup a server collection hierarchy in events4.nsf your should run the script on the collecting server to get events from all servers in your email. Image show what the ...

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DDM (Domino Domain Monitor) is a great tool for keeping your Domino server in good shape. but if you forget to open ddm.nsf you will easily miss important errors. Use this script in a scheduled agent to recieve an email with the most recent problems reported to DDM. Customize the scipt with your server name, recipients and number of event days back you want the email to contain. ' Loop all open and recent ddm events and email them ' Put this script in a scheduled agent and run it daily Dim ...

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Use this script in a scheduled agent that runs every night. It will send you an email conflict report for each database with conflicts containing links to all the conflicts. Modify the script and add the databases you want a report for and who should recieve the reports Sub Initialize On Error GoTo e Dim session As New NotesSession, db As NotesDatabase Dim xdb As NotesDatabase,maildoc As NotesDocument, rt As NotesRichTextItem Dim searchstring As String, dc As NotesDocumentCollection, tot As ...

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